What is Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching helps people change emotions that are holding them back or causing significant disruption in their lives: in the form of anxiety, depression or any number of behavioural or emotional problems.

While I describe what I do as Emotion Coaching its official name is Emotion-Focused Therapy or EFT. It holds the view that emotions are what actually enables people to organise their lives and we have to change or modify them in some way to facilitate deep and lasting change.

EFT is a solid and research-based approach that has been around for over forty years. Unlike many other forms of therapy, EFT helps people experience their emotions in a bodily based sense and actually process them. It draws on Gestalt, cognitive and experiential as well as psychodynamic theory to help you gain insight and reach a state of mind where your emotions are in a state of equilibrium.

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My journey to EFT

My journey to Emotionally Focused Therapy started off in counselling and hypnotherapy. I quickly discovered I was dealing with issues that required much more depth and insight.

After the death of my first supervisor, I commenced with a supervisor who was also an Emotionally Focused Therapist. I was immediately struck by the volume of artwork done by clients in his therapy room and also by his ability to identify underlying emotional processes in any issue he was presented with. It occurred to me that getting to the core of a person's emotions seemed to be what this approach was all about. The emphasis was on focusing, locating and dealing with difficult emotions which seemed like the best approach for the majority of my clients that were dealing with anxiety and a myriad of other issues. It was at this point I started to study Emotion Focused Therapy.

I found that helping people to identify and deal with past traumas was a remarkably effective way of improving their overall mental health and also seemed to create a more peaceful disposition overall. Many therapeutic models do this but Emotion Focused Therapy is the only model that involves processing of underlying emotions.

Today I use this method in conjunction with hypnotherapy, if requested, and can confidently say it is the most effective approach I have used to date.

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Before I started seeing Phil I was on antidepressants for years always anxious about everything and had no confidence, within the first few sessions I had the confidence to make major changes in my life and came off the antidepressants and feel a lot more confident and happy.

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